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Online bingo operators seem to be loosening their purse strings, but bingo players should be cautious before joining a site offering an unrealistic bingo jackpot prize.

While bingo has got bigger and bigger, more and more people played online bingo in 2009 than ever before. This is despite the recent changes to American law and also the proposed changes to the UK Gambling Act which will soon to come into force.

And as bingo gets bigger, and as more people play, this can mean only one thing – bigger jackpot prizes.

So if you are on the look-out for a giant jackpot prize, be sure to check the competition and be sure that the prize is realistic, and the site you are playing on has already built a level of trust with its pool of players.

Bingo – a social game, with an online chat element, allowing us to play, communicate and connect with each other online as we further our need for reality internet entertainment.

More and more people are finding new, exciting and sometimes stranger ways of finding entertainment. We all love being entertained, whether by methods such as movies, music, partying and games, entertainment is a way of uplifting and removing ourselves from the daily humdrum of working life and the necessities that come with it. We all like escapism. Removing ourselves from reality for a moment allows us to put our life into perspective and return to it with a more relaxed and open frame of mind.

One such way of fulfilling the need for entertainment online is to play online games like Bingo.

Most people who play bingo stay logged in to the bingo game for hours on end. Stats from Chit Chat Bingo show that the average session is approximately 2 hours, with peak periods being between 6pm and midnight, after the kids have gone to bed or at the end of a long hard day at the office. However, people are not always playing every game as most simply enjoy the online social element. This is a good way of meeting people, catching up on gossip and connecting with the lives of others.

Most bingo sites offer the chat room function and some offer the ability to view a picture or profile of the players. But what will the future hold for the next generation of bingo software. Will we soon see video clips in the profile just like the Google video clips, will we be able to view players live online at home from a webcam, jumping up and down and screaming bingo, or barking in frustration at the computer as they see someone else pick up that big bingo jackpot.

One thing is for certain, online bingo is currently proving to be a hit amongst online gamers in the UK. It is fun, easy to play and gives a chance to bring everyone together in one bingo community, sharing the common goal of light entertainment, social search and reality internet.

Online bingo provides one of the many catalysts for social networking via the internet.

Bingo has always been a very sociable game and now that it is played online, the chat room element provides a great way of meeting and talking to people all over the world from the comfort of your home.

Bingo balls bar.jpg

It is clear that bingo gaming and chat rooms go hand in hand. They draw many parallels, with both being a way of attaining social interaction, fun online and a feeling of togetherness. The chat rooms that accompany bingo games are an ideal way of communicating with each other and the outside world. The social element of bingo is a perfect match for the social element of chat.

Essentially, chat rooms are about building a community. By offering quality Chat Managers, who build up a good rapport with players, and by offering chat room games and prizes with the chance for players to meet and identify with each other, it is no wonder why Chat Rooms are such an important element in online bingo games.

Have you ever want to become rich just by playing your favorite online bingo game? I’m giving you the chance to become instantly richer just by playing the game of bingo.

All you need is the basic tips on how to make the game of bingo work for you. Thankfully the internet has provided people with the chance to upload their best tips and strategies. Once you cover the best ways to play bingo, the money will start piling in. Let’s begin!!

 First off, play at a well-known bingo site  where you’re certain your money will be kept  safely. Also to ensure that your winnings will be paid out. If you’re already playing at a reliable bingo site, then this tip won’t apply to you. Try to register with bingo sites that offer an instant 100% or 300% (if you can) match bonus on your deposit. Many bingo sites offer a 50% match bonus on all future deposits.

Play at as many bingo sites that offer this bonus. This will increase the starting amount of your cash!! Play 25p bingo games, they offer the biggest cash jackpots.

You’ll be able to play for free or for real. Playing for real will instantly increase your winnings. There is such a large variety; you’ll find many ways to increase your cash.

If a bingo site offers you the choice to change your cards, go for it!! There are zillions of bingo sites that offer this function and it can only benefit you. Refer your favorite bingo sites to friends.

You’ll receive a certain amount of money just for spreading the

 word of a cool bingo site. Be generous with your winnings.

If you give out a dollar to your opponents, the favor could easily be

returned if your neighbor wins with your dollar.

easter bingo bunnys.jpg

There so many ways to become a bingo millionaire. The amount of chances to win has been increased thanks to the Internet. Always be persistent when playing bingo games, eventually once you get the hang of things, you’ll create your own luck.

And the greatest thing of all is that you can sit in front of your computer in the comfort of your own home

Ok so now we have good idea about the game in to days world and how the chat plays an important part of the modern bingo culture, I have put together the following On Line Bingo Sites that I have played and recommend and the most important tip i can give is.- Try not to play between 6-9am or 6-11 as most of the bingo halls are packed during these bingo peak hours. Try playing on a Monday or Tuesday, there’s guaranteed to be fewer players in the bingo hall but stay away from the bingo halls on a Friday or Saturday because bingo players tend to log on only to socialize with their buddies.

It’s estimated that over 3 million people in the UK take part in online bingo games every year in the UK. Why? Well simply try it your for yourself

I will update with more Bingo sites as I play them - What better way to recommend to you the Bingo Sites - than to play them first myself.

Use the links at top of the page to look over the bingo sites I have used and recommend,

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